house finch

New bird added to our backyard zoo.

New bird added to our backyard zoo.

We usually get 10-20 different types of birds flying through our yard from feeder to feeder. Cardinals, jays, thrush and at leads three different types of woodpecker have been around lately.

Then today I saw three birds, all the same species, with one being male (pictured). The females look the same minus the red. They are known as house finches, which were a popular illegal bird in a lot of NYC pet shops in the 40’s (at the time called Hollywood Finches to try to avoid prosecution and as a sales ploy). Then when they were forced to be released, they took over the eastern US and have only very recently met up with another population in Mexico. Their emergence in northern Florida has been very recent. I’ve never seen one of these, at least in the wild, so it was a really nice treat.