Camelopardalids – New Meteor Shower/Storm Tonight!!

We will be running through a think dust trail left by Comet 209P/LINEAR. Comet pictured below:Image


This is the forecasted debris stream, which excites my spider senses to the umpteenth degree:


The radiant point for tonights show lies in Camelopardis, the Giraffe. Between 2 and 4am, the radiant point will be in the area below Polaris, the North Star. My best advise is do not look directly at the radiant point. The closer a meteor is to it’s radiant point, the more likely you are to miss it. Look for the meteors, which are forecasted to be long, bright and very slow (in terms of shooting stars) about 90 degrees from said radiant.

Not good with measuring degrees? Turn your index/pointing finger towards the radiant like your hand was an imaginary gun, which your thumb pointing straight up. If you were to keep your index finger pointed at the radiant while twisting your hand around in a circle, any directly your thumb points will be 90 degrees away. A photo of the northern skies is below. Remember, this is an entirely NEW meteor shower. It could be a storm (1000+ per hour) or a dud (just a few). Predictions range, but most agree this could be easily the best showing of the year.



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