Possible once-in-a-lifetime meteor shower – Camelopardalids

Never heard of this meteor shower? Can you even say it?

Meteor storms/showers are named for the constellation in which the meteors radiate from. This constellation in which the new shower will appear to come from is known as the camel-leopard. Crazy, right? This is what giraffes were known as a long time ago. The head of a camel (though with the long neck) and skin patterns (spots) of a leopard. 

You may have never heard of it because this meteor shower is new. We are orbiting through the dust trails that a comet has left for the last century. We will be hitting a very thin, but densely concentrated area of dust and fragments. Predictions range from 100 to 1000 meteors per hour.

Don’t make the mistake of looking directly towards the radiant point/constellation. Most will appear 40 degrees away, so lay down and look straight up.



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