Three of me.

Three of me.

There were supposed to be four. The one missing was supposed to have tripped the “me” that’s fallen on the ground on the left. The one on the far right would have been next to the missing me, laughing at watching myself fall.

Two things. One, grammar is really hard when you are talking about a group of yourself. Two, this was the test shoot for a more thought out with a yet to be determined location.. so hopefully I do something good enough to be picked for NatGeo’s (open to the public) assignment.

Anyone who likes photography at all should head over to their page and make a profile. It is called YourShot. I had a photo chosen for the week’s best astronomy photographs of the week. What made me feel good was that some of the pictures were from people like NASA and were just dumbfounding. Half were taken with multiple hours of exposure time on telescopes like NASA’s Chandra. To be next to all those is what made it feel good. Everyone should do it. A lot of amateur photographers and.. some are amazing but some are just nice/average. You won’t feel out of place. Even if your work does not get much recognition from the community, you can still just as easily get the editor’s attention. My photo was a close-up of the crescent moon. It had maybe 10 likes from throughout the community.


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