Lyrid Meteor Shower

Just in time for 4/20, Hitler’s Birthday and Easter (April 20th, 2014). Odd no? The Lyrids peak April 22nd though. They are of middling brightness but are known to have outbursts of intense activity and fireballs with dust trails that last from several seconds to several minutes. Lay flat on the ground or in a recliner and look straight up.. however some people suggest you “look up” from lying flat on your back while pointed towards/looking slightly to the east or southeast (your head pointing west, feet pointing east). Anytime after midnight is good. The Moon may mess with your view, eliminating any dim meteors, but the show will still be visible.

The radiant point (you could basically draw a line from each meteor you see back to this common spot) is in Lyra, by the star Vega. It’s quite bright and one of the Summer Triangle stars. Picture below:


For fun, this is a photo of Comet Thatcher, the body responsible for the trail of meteors we are about to crash through.



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