Canis Major/Dog Star (Sirius) Chart.

Canis Major/Dog Star (Sirius) Chart.

I didn’t know I would start doing a series of these, but I did.. so, I decided to do ones which were more pertinent to what the night skies look like currently in the northern hemisphere. Orion is pretty high in the sky after sunset, and to it’s left (east) shortly thereafter is the hunter’s (Orion’s) dog, Canis Major. This constellation is easy to find. In heavily light-pollutued skies, it’s brightest star, Sirius (the Dog Star), is the brightest star in the sky. Just make sure to not mistake Jupiter, which is currently high overhead in Gemini), for Sirius. The Dog Star/Sirius is closer to the southern horizon and near Orion (remember this when locating).

This section of sky lies on the plain of the Milky Way. While nowhere near as noticeable as the bright lane of light near Sagittarius (towards the galactic center), it still contains a ton of star clusters and nebulae. Most of your deep sky objects will lie on this plain.

So, next photo/labeled photo I will post will contain Cygnus, the Swan, and the Cygnus Rift. The Rift is a dark lane of dust that blocks a strip of the bright lane that is the Milky Way. Cool stuff in that area.


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