Star caught in the middle of its final act

Star caught in the middle of its final act

I’ve seen a ton of photos, all amazing. This one made me pause, though. The detail is amazing. This star is shedding off it’s outer layers and will one day be similar to the Crab Nebula, perhaps. Our lives are so short that, relative to us, supernovas are uncommon.

This illustrates how great this is. We caught a star during a relatively unseen and short period in it’s late evolution. This is light years away, so it could have gone supernova today and we wouldn’t know of it til years later. It could blow any day or it could hold off a hundred thousand years.

If it does go in our lifetime, it will be the closest star tp go supernova. In the last thousand years, there have been very few visible to the naked eye. This one would top all of them. It would be visible and evolving through the next generation or two, and would probably be a ‘permanent’ fixture in the day and night skies.


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