Andromeda Galaxy

Andromeda Galaxy

The “M” (or “W” based on point of view) near the North Star (Polaris) that is the constellation Cassiopeia is pointing towards the legs of Andromeda/Pegasus. Almost in between the legs and Cassiopeia is the Andromeda Galaxy. If it’s light was not dispersed (and if it wasn’t 2.3 million light years away), and if we could see the whole galaxy with the naked eye (mainly the nucleus is visible to the naked eye in good, dark conditions), it would take up the same amount of space as 6 full moons.

I’ve never gotten sun a nice picture. Since it is fairly large, I didn’t have to zoom and crop so much just to show people a decent look at it. I like posting this because there’s a disconnect between what NASA releases and what we actually see. Without amazing gear, this is what you might see.

It isn’t like the Hubble photos, but it IS there. It makes it tangible. It makes me wonder if someone/something is in Andromeda, marveling at the Milky Way or whatever they’ve named us.. Stunning to see, though.

Easy binocular object.


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