Could Higgs Particle be a Time-Traveling Assassin?

Could Higgs Particle be a Time-Traveling Assassin?

Really cool articles. A lot of things going on at the LHC are geared towards casting light on the “laws” of the universe and how to bend them.

If this Higgs decay particles, or Higgs singlet, can be proven.. meaning, if the decay particles can appear before (or maybe even after, the explanation is too long), it means they travel in time. They appear before their creation.

This would be no good in sending a human back, and therefor, wouldn’t cause any of those nasty paradoxes. One being the grandfather paradox where a time traveler goes back in time, murders their grandfather, therefor negating their own existence. However, if singlets can be proven, created and manipulated, a message or information could be sent back in time. could have someone else murder your grandfather.

Not quite sure how that isn’t a paradox. Or maybe it is. Interesting things to consider.


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