Failed stars (AKA Brown Dwarf) show strong evidence of molten iron rainstorms.

Failed stars (AKA Brown Dwarf) show strong evidence of molten iron rainstorms.

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A brown dwarf is a ball of gas lacking the mass/temperature to reach nuclear fusion. They start out hot and slowly fade and cool. Some can get as cool as some kitchen ovens, which is practically freezing for anything attempting to become a star.

A good way to explain what these “stars” are is to say they are large cousins of Jupiter. Most of the gas giant Jupiter’s energy is not absorbed from the Sun, but made deep within where extreme pressures caused by it’s high mass. Jupiter creates most of it’s own energy and has more of an affect on itself and anything near it’s orbit than the Sun. Failed stars are quite similar, but larger. Planets can exist around these objects and some theorize that those worlds couyld be habitable if they orbit their parent brown dwarf close enough. Depending on each system’s heat and other conditions, a habitable planet would orbit it’s star once every couple hours to couple days. Meaning, one Earth year would be hundreds or thousands of years there, by definition.

The article and new information released cast a more interesting light on these failed stars. Until lately, very few were proven to exist, and scientists say one could lurk just beyond the depths of our solar system and there is a chance we would never see or know of it.

Today scientists announced that evidence was beginning to point towards these “failed” stars” having weather. Not solar storms like our Sun, but actual weather.

What makes this so amazing is that something very nearly a star could have storm systems like Earth does. What makes this beyond amazing is these are not water/gas storms. They are liquid sand and molten iron rain storms.


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