Sunrise over the Atlantic

Sunrise over the Atlantic

Driving near the beach right before dawn, I decided to head to the beach. It had been years since I actually watched the Sun rise. With no clouds or haze, it did not disappoint. One second there was no Sun, just the pale light hinting at it’s impending arrival. The next second I looked down to switch one setting on my camera, and when I looked back up.. the Sun was suddenly beaming. It looked nearly a third above the horizon. When you watch it that low it is being magnified through the atmosphere and you get the illusion that it is larger., and this enabled me to actually see the Sun rise. Not figuratively, but literally. I could see it move.

Such a simple, yet miraculous thing. We take the Sun for granted. There is a reason past civilizations perceived it as a deity, and they were probably the closest to being right in terms of religion. We go to bed and most of us wake knowing it will be there.. but there are a million things that are ever changing that must happen in order for us to live. Whenever I am sad, I remember being the saying that the Sun will, inevitably, rise in the morning regardless. Everything will be anew and get better. Sometimes I think we all forget how lucky we are to have that assurance.


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