The Rings of Saturn will blow your mind.


Saturn’s rings are insane. You’d want to think that they’re young, being that they resemble a new solar system forming around a protostar (a very young star with a tornado of dust compressed to a disk, from which planets are born). However, new findings show that they are astonishingly old. Almost as old as Saturn itself. Perhaps since it lacks the awesome power of a star, these rings will never form into moons? Perhaps these rings were once moons shattered into oblivion, never to reform?

Lately I’ve found some newer reports on Saturn’s rings that have nearly made me crap myself.

1) We have already gone over this, but Saturn’s rings have recently been confirmed to have been around since shortly after Saturn’s formation.

2) This second fact is what made me want to make this post. From the inside to the outside of the (main) rings, they extend about 175,000 miles. Amazing as that is, that’s nothing. The measurement that shocked me was this: these rings are razor thin. Actually, if you scaled the rings down, they’d be thinner than a razor. Vertically, from top to bottom, they measure 30 feet. 10 meters. 360 inches.

Kaboom. The sound of minds blowing. I always imagined them being miles thin. How wrong I was.

3) There is another ring that is largely invisible, but extends out millions of miles. This ring is not razor thin. You could fit countless Earths in it’s vertical measurements. Below is an artists rendering of this ring. The dot at the center represents how small Saturn and its other rings look in comparison.



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