Andromeda & child.

Andromeda & child.

I am a huge fan of the Andromeda Galaxy (Messier Object 31/M31). It is a close, easily viewed galaxy. What’s more is that while a tad larger, it is very similar to our own Milky Way.

I have posted several articles and pictures, but never a close-up. This was the only photo to come out with acceptable focus.

In another “for-the-first-time”, I saw a fuzzy blob next to Andromeda. I believed it was it’s famous satellite/dwarf galaxy M32 (a galaxy which orbits a much larger galaxy), but I quickly realized this object was not on the correct side. I looked at my chart and realized I was seeing a Messier Object I had long since forgot about (each time I had tried viewing or photographing it, I failed.. a lot). It was a satellite galaxy of Andromeda, but an entirely different one on the opposite side – Messier Object 110!

It is much smaller than all of the galaxies we see photos of and is very, very dim. One of the dimmest objects I have ever captured. When looking up information on M110 I found that it is a dwarf-spheroid galaxy (oval/circular) which contains dust and recent star births. This is very rare for small galaxies orbiting larger ones. The reason for this is the tidal pull from the parent galaxy that steals gas and dust while ripping the dwarf apart.

M110 is therefor unique.. and awesome.


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