The best reason to buy the Sun.

The best reason to buy the Sun.

Everyone was able to come together for this weekend’s birthday party (for the pretty lady at the head of the table to the right!). Usually, the best laid plans are thwarted. So many things had to happen at so many various points, so I was super happy to see it all fall into place with ease. It was also nice to see various people who have been spread across the map find a good enough reason to come together and spend time together.

Some of the pictured people had to drive 4 hours each way (and make it back to work after said 4 hour drive following two nights of extreme lateness and the initial/incoming 4 hour drive), some had to upset significant others in order to celebrate.. some just had to walk across the street.

Very thankful to everyone and any inconveniences they weathered to make someone smile. Shitty semesters have a way of erasing any concept of joy and love from your mind.. so.. yay! Thankful to all and *happy birthday*! ❤


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  1. This made me teary-eyed! Thank you so much for everything, it was an awesome birthday 🙂 I love you so much! ❤ All the way! Mwah!

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