Month: December 2013

Evolution: A third of Americans don’t believe in it.

Posting the link to the article here:


I won’t repeat what the article already eloquently points out, but come on.. I guess this topic is so scary for people because a natural process called evolution pretty much replaces God. However, the article points out that disbelief in evolution does not mean someone is religious. Nine percent of people who believe humans have been around since the dawn of time don’t even believe in God. I don’t feel good about calling people idiots.. but some people are idiots. It is 2013.. almost 2014.

I think the statistic that shocked me most was that a larger percentage of men believe in evolution when compared to women. While about 65% of men believe in evolution, just 55% of women believe. There are gaps in race and religion as well, but I will leave those figures to the article and those willing to read it.


Two of Saturn’s moons.

Two of Saturn's moons.

I know the big one is Titan.. the one in the front is Dione??.. Enceladus? Not even sure that’s the right planet (in terms of moons).

(EDIT: The moons in the foreground is Rhea.)