Economic Benefits of Space Exploration/Science

Re-blogging a paper I wrote because.. it is still very relevant.



     The general public have predisposed thoughts when it comes to federal budgeting. Most recently, a large amount of public attention has been focused on trimming the national debt and increasing the value of our economy through the likes of job creation and tax cuts. However, some draw from our past and proclaim that our innovation and pioneering is what gave birth to what we now call “The American Dream.” I find myself inclined, in general swaths, to agree with this train of thought. A very small percentage of the public knows that certain agencies, such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), contribute enormous technological and economical assets that the economy and public rely on daily. Even more amazingly, very few know that for every dollar budgeted to NASA returns to the economy sevenfold over the long term. So what would happen if NASA…

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