Several nebula mysteriously pointing in the same direction.

Several nebula mysteriously pointing in the same direction.

I have never seen or heard of this nebula before this morning. It is known as M2-9, Minkowski’s Butterfly as well as the Twin Jet Nebula.

This particular nebula is amazing. It belongs to the class of nebula that a majority of them belong to. They normally are called and resemble butterflies and hour glasses. A dying star, a red giant, will shed off large amounts of it’s material towards the end of it’s life, shooting off gases and metals that serve as the factories of the universe.

They get this shape because the material being shed off is shooting away perpendicular to it’s orbit. Or, basically, shooting out from the poles.

M2-9, along with several other more well-known nebulas (such as the Trifid and Lagoon Nebulas that I take and post photos of) appear to be in higher numbers towards the galactic bulge – the central region of our Milky Way. This is not surprising due to the gravity keeping our galaxy together is even more powerful in this region with several more stars being born and dying (sometimes dying quicker due to the regions climate) due to all the various gravity sources, as well as giant molecular clouds waiting to collapse into stars.

No one is sure, but it is most likely the extreme gravity that exists now in that area, or the gravity that was once there during the galaxy’s formation still influencing them all. Until they know for sure, it’s pretty cool to speculate as to why all of these distant and independent stellar explosions have jets and poles all pointing the same way.


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