Month: September 2013

The Golden Ratio

So I was looking up how large the Universe is. I came to find that it expanded faster than light, and even more.. it expanded exponentially. IE: 1:1, 2:3, 3:4, 4:16, 5:256. For the first value of time, space expanded one unit of space. On the second unit of time, space had expanded 2 units.. the third unit of time, 4 units of space. Four units of time, 16 units of space, 5 units of time, 256 units of space. I guess if I thought really hard, that’s way beyond the Golden Mean. However, very similar concept. However, in looking it up, it is amazing how many things in the Universe display the Golden Mean, IE- Fibonacci’s sequence. The orbit differences in planets, spiral galaxies, all the way down to hurricanes, faces and flowers.. all follow this. Very amazing. It’s almost as if we truly live inside a computer environment. Pictures below.




This is what the Sun will look like in 5 billion years.


Campbell’s Hydrogen Star, currently throwing off its outer layers as it slowly becomes a stellar core (white dwarf). The star is very similar to our Sun. Making things strike home is the dust surrounding the dying star, which is basically comprised of the same stuff that makes up our planet, Earth.

It is sort of like looking 5 billion years into the future. Could the dust be all that remains of a once bustling solar system?