We are all Martians.

We are all Martians.


Space.com is amazing and I highly recommend daily visits.

I’ll try to sum the article up fairly quickly here. There is a lot of really compelling evidence that life didn’t start here. Now, a new study basically gives data to support that life HAD to come from Mars. At least, life as we know it.

I will try to keep this short, but at the time of our genesis (not the Bible kind) we were a ‘young’ planet covered in water, desperately lacking in the oxygen needed (for several things). This means we lacked a vital gas needed the sustain the long lineage that leads to our species.. it also means we don’t get the oxidized minerals which played an absolutely vital role in making the organic soup of which we rose. Not to mention that the water covering our planet was corrosive to RNA, one of the big fundamentals in life.

Okay, so we had very little oxygen, water is corrosive to RNA, and we lack oxidized minerals which would allow life to even begin. Where would we get such things?

What? The entire Mars surface is/was oxidized? And.. what? There was water there, along with oxygen (yep, it had it at this point) and dry stretches of land where oxidized minerals lie for the taking? Oh, and our placements of both of our orbits practically promote exchange of minerals from Mars to Earth (not the other way around)?

Well, gee whiz.

Also, NASA scientists explain that it may not just be the needed materials that were Mars-born, but there are several microbes that are hardy and could survive an impact and subsequent interplanetary journey from Mars to Earth.



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