And a slightly closer look.

And a slightly closer look.

I don’t have a telescope that I can hook a camera up to.. and if I did have one, my camera is not good enough. So anyone can do this and many of these things look similar to what you’d see through binoculars. I would say a fair chunk of these can be visible in good enough sky condition.. or with the averted eye trick. Some things pop out better when you aren’t staring directly at them. Hopefully me bringing them out makes it so one wouldn’t have to go to all this trouble though. Hopefully whoever looks at this enjoys it and appreciates how large and far these things are. Maybe photos of us are being taken from one of these points? Most these nebulas are several times larger than the farthest reaches of our own, puny solar system.

For example, at the bottom, M7 (Ptolemy’s cluster) is about 25 light years in diameter. The Lagoon Nebula, M8, is about 25 by 55 light years, but appears smaller since it’s over 4,000 light years from us. Ptolemy’s Cluster is less than 1,000 light years from us. By comparison, our solar system is nothing. Even if you extend out past the Oort Cloud on both sides, we are 1-2 light years wide at the absolute maximum. In all actuality, we are smaller than a light year. The orbits of our planets and dwarf planets extend out maybe a couple light DAYS. Earth is around 9 light minutes from the Sun. MINUTES.


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