The path of every known Near Earth Object.

The path of every known Near Earth Object.

Granted, in this depiction, the lines are multiple times wider than the asteroids themselves.. meaning this photo appears exaggerated. However, still pretty eye-opening.

Note how many of these orbits cross Earth’s orbit anywhere from 1 to 4 times.

Also note how these asteroids, and even the comets that venture to our inner solar system, are like arteries or supply lines that collect matter in the further reaches (beyond the frost line and the carbon-frost line) and bring them near the Sun to be shed off.



    1. Spirographs! That’s what I was thinking of.

      It really is amazing but it has happened randomly every (long) so often. K/T impact and the dinos and other lesser known craters. The solar system is still effectively developing which is scary and very neat.

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