Oh, shit.

Oh, shit.

This is a speech I will probably never hear on Fox News, but would be glad to be proven wrong:

People, global warming is a myth fueled by tree huggers and liberals who just want to stick it to future big business owners (current small business owners) across the globe to further their crazy agend.. wait. What!? There’s a fucking LAKE on the North Pole?!

That’s just a fantasy. Now granted, this is summer.. however, along with a million other time-lapsed videos and photography, this is just another piece of evidence in a long line of very troubling facts.

Please.. please, anyone, tell me why it matters whether it is natural or man-made? A problem is a problem. While I am a firm believer in not healing symptoms without first finding the cause, the fact we are stuck on this issue and cannot even agree warming is happening is wildly disturbing. I know we can’t survive without money. I know taking proactive steps will hurt a lot of people. However, so does global warming.

I will even ignore the undeniable evidence that we are, at the very least, helping a natural process happen faster. This planet goes through phases of heating and ice ages. We are long overdue for this. People point out weaker hurricanes and less drought (in certain areas) as evidence that we are not causing what is obviously happening. Fact is, these are signs of global warming.

Also, here is a news flash to most people: Colder and snowier winters are direct evidence of climate warming. Seems counter intuitive, I will give you that. I refuse to write out and cite all the evidence because it is out there for each one of you to check.

Yet the main reason I feel I don’t need to specifically cite anything else here?



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