There is no meaning.. and that’s okay.

There is no meaning.. and that's okay.

Nothing amazing about this particularly, other than this is probably my favorite photo taken of something inside our solar system. It almost seems as if it is computer animated. The shadows cast by the rings, along with the size of Saurn when compared to the two moons.. along with the fact that Titan is one of the few moons with an atmosphere (that is, even more amazingly, similar to ours). You can see it has an atmosphere due to the hazy, undefined edges surrounding it. Under the atmosphere is a secondarly atmosphere that blocks us from viewing it’s actual surface. A lot of planets have multiple atmosphere thresholds. Like Earth.. we have an upper atmosphere and a lower one, where water clouds whip around. Then water at sea level consists of a third ‘atmosphere’.. then under the water, in some places, are underwater lakes of methane. If you look up photos of this, it is very surreal. You can actually see a lake surface on the ocean floor in these areas, where most sea life cannot venture and other creatures thrive. Pretty amazing. Especially when you consider the recent discovery of other forms of life thriving through hot vents spewing gas and lava from our inner mantle. This discovery has led to this discovery of other life forms existing deep beneath the Earth’s surface under oceans, mountains, and even lakes that exist kilometers below glaciers and ice shelves in Antarctica.

What’s more amazing? That this photo took me from a spot a billion miles from Earth to a place under our feet. It is easy to see why the celestial bodies were given names, and in previous times even considered the embodiment of.. gods. I can’t bitch about not winning the lotto when I take into account that if one planet or moon was removed, or even moved ever so slightly, we would not exist. In that sense, we do have large celestial bodies ensuring our existence. Creating a safe orbit for us at just the right distance.. using their mighty gravity to cast out comets that would wreck us.. keeping most dangerous asteroids in a belt, safely tucked beyond Mars. Why do we need gods when we have planets and a sun? It is less beautiful to think someone alligned everything in such a specific manner to allow us to exist.. that somehow we are that special..

It is more beautiful to know that we are a slight breeze or gravitational tug from annihilation.. that somehow, through physics and science we were fortunate enough to exist. To know we are only important because we deem as such is a cop out and sheer egomania. We aren’t chosen, we are merely allowed. Some people may find it sad and lonely.. yet.. it’s somehow comforting to know, as we drive down the highway, looking beyond the bugs on the windshield, into the trees and off into space.. that we don’t matter. A staggering majority of our problems or situations mean nothing beyond our species. Everything will happen, or not happen, with or without us. I think that is beautiful. It takes so much weight off when you realize there is no meaning of life. The search for the meaning only shows how ridiculous we are.. and merely highlights what is wrong with consciousness & intelligence. It is a perception. The closest a meaning-of-life statement comes to getting it right came from Carl Sagan. He said, essentially, we were created so that the universe may observe itself. So.. do it. Every Sunday in church is less meaningful than an afternoon spent barbecuing.

Forgive typos and awkward sentence structure. This went from posting a gorgeous picture to some sort of stream of conscious (rambling).


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