Advanced physics theories may explain black holes.

Advanced physics theories may explain black holes.

Current theories based in general relativity breaks down when trying to explain black holes. I think thats the thing that sparked my interest in the universe. The equations spit out infinity. Singularity. Infinite gravity pushing infinite matter into an infinitely small area.

It makes absolutely no sense. However, it is as close as we can get and emphasizes a power beyond what we can understand. I don’t get why more religions don’t involve astronomy, because the power and beauty could bd used to back them up. Oh well. It’d be pointless anyhow.

Advanced theories are trying to explain black holes so that we aren’t left with indefinite answers. It will hopefully advance to figures that are almost infinite and explain the odd & backwards reality that exists in and around these things.

This is a good link. I would love to have a visual understanding of what it’s like when space and time become a tangled mess. I want our understanding to encompass other realities that no doubt exist.


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