This is one of two dwarf galaxies that us in the northern hemisphere are largely unaware of. This UV photo released is the most detailed of the Large Magellanic Cloud ever. It rotates around our galaxy and is an easily viewed object in the southern hemisphere’s sky (at 0.9 magnitude). Just a neat picture to post. A lot of people don’t know the Milky Way shepherds smaller galaxies on its fringes. There are actually at least 15 confirmed dwarf galaxies surrounding us, with several more yet to be confirmed. The LGC and SMC (Small M. Cloud) just happen to be the most well-known because they’re are the easiest to view.

These guys are one of the very few reasons I’d ever desire to go south of the equator. Our ancestors in prehistoric times discovered them (cave drawings prove this). Just neat stuff. Happy Fathers Day to the Milky Way and its wayward kids.


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