North Korea, WTF?

So an Asian American doctor goes over to North Korea to perform cataract surgery on around 1,000 of it’s citizens that have been blind for varying amounts of years. When the amazingly kickass doctor removes the eye bandages from a young girl and she realizes her vision has been restored, her and her father start crying and saying “Praise the Great General!” over and over. No matter who does what for who, everyone always thanks the leader who is at fault for their famine and fear, and not the generous doctor who risked himself to save these people.

This country has brainwashing schools and sounding towers for propaganda. One guard in N Korea had to leave his post, crawl across the world’s largest mine-field and surrendered to South Korean and American forces.. his friend who tried to escape with him died when the electric fence’s current returned as they were crossing part of the border. Why all the trouble? He accidentally announced it was a North Korean holiday near the demilitarized zone. Letting the S. Korean and American forces in on this seemingly trivial knowledge is a death sentence. He had no choice. His extended family was either killed or imprisoned for life when the government realized he had left.

Wow. I really feel for these people.


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