Hubble photos Comet ISON from 390,000,000 miles.

Hubble photos Comet ISON from 390,000,000 miles.

And ISON may bring gifts. Not only is it potentially the comet of this century, but it may bring us an odd meteor shower. Most showers happen when Earth moves through the trails of large comets which are orbiting the sun. So this will be the same as that, except on a much wider scale. We will pass through ISON’s dust stream in January of 2014. The cool thing about this is this comet has either never passed the sun, or has not in millions of years. This means it will be releasing tons of dust each second that it approaches the sun, and will get more and more intense.

What will possibly make this meteor shower so amazing is not just the comet or the massive amount of possible meteors, but that it will not be a concentrated shower. Most showers come from one angle in a certain area of the sky. Since a lot of these particles are super small, the meteors will hit our atmosphere from the direction the comet is traveling, AND it will send meteors from the opposite direction due to the energy released by the Sun.

So.. a meteor shower from a large “Comet of the Century” in which the meteor’s will not only have meteors from multiple directions (rare), but it will also encompass the entire sky. EXCITED.


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