Month: April 2013

The Great Hexagon Hurricane on Saturn

The Great Hexagon Hurricane on Saturn

Fresh light is hitting Saturn’s north pole as a sign that spring has begun there (the seasons last 7 years, as a year on Saturn is @ 28 Earth years), which brings its’ massive “hexagon hurricane” that inhabits the northern region. It is a hurricane despite the little amount of hydrogen/water available in Saturn’s upper atmosphere. It is also a lot larger and stronger than its’ Earth counterpart. Not to mention its’ easily recognizable odd shape. It is 20 times larger than our average hurricanes, and winds in the outer regions of the churning storm are being clocked at 330mph. Damn.


Neutrinos measured traveling faster than light.

Neutrinos measured traveling faster than light.

This is huge. This is possibly years of physics theories coming undone, or the beginning of new types of science.

The implications are huge. Traveling the speed of light stops time. Traveling near this speed slows it.. therefore, theoretically, going faster would reverse time.

That is huge in itself, however.. this changes more than that. It challenges causality, the longstanding law of cause and effect. This means if neutrinos were a baby on a swing, they would  be swinging before being pushed. 

The attached link/slideshow is well worth a few reads and goes into much greater detail than I plan to. READ IT.

Is time real? Or the ultimate illusion.

Is time real? Or the ultimate illusion.

One prominent scientist argues in a new book, controversially, that time is real. Even if it is not tangible, mass cannot evolve without time.. and without mass, time has no function. That is not exactly what he is saying, I am just paraphrasing and sharing my opinion. Time is a very odd concept if you think about it hard enough. Time is relative to where you are, and is part of space. Time warps as light does when around large amounts of mass, how so is it an illusion?