While I was looking at this the next morning, I realized you can look back in time.. from the present, such as the roof and trees.. to all the light traveling varying degrees of miles sent by stars and galaxies throughout space. Suddenly, the sky was no longer taken for granted.. it became a visual storybook that took me to any time I desired.. it stopped looking like a high and dark dome with different sized pin-pricks throughout.. and began to look three dimensional and real. Tangible. Watching stars pass through the night humbles you in the sense that you can feel, if just for a second, that we are actually hurdling through space due to forces most of us don’t think of. We move around the sun. Fast. The sun moves completely around our galaxy in a quarter billion years, powered by the super-massive black hole in the center of the Milky Way. Our engine. Making sure stars had a stable home so we could come to be. Black holes are not scary. They are vital. And mysterious, which always rocks.. Our galaxy is gravitationally bound to “the Local Group” of galaxies.. and even though we are on the outskirts of it, it pulls us through space, flowing with another force besides gravity – dark energy. Dark flow. It makes determining the actual direction we are flying mind-boggling.

Those stars in the sky do not represent how or where they are currently.We are viewing their past. Traveling in time. Watching stars is also watching the universe grow more planets, stars and even black holes. All the atoms present in our body existed as hydrogen before the big bang. Then it created helium and other elements, which formed the first stars and galaxies. We were all born of stars. There’s no need to talk about God when we view our true maker every day, and especially each night. I wonder, sometimes.. when I die and turn to dust.. decay into the ground or be spread over the ocean in ashes.. what plants will I end up becoming a nutrient for? What worms or bugs will rely on me and a home or food source? When the sun grows older and gets larger.. swallows us whole.. shrinks back down and explodes into a super nova.. All of use will be scattered in every direction.. This will give birth to new gaseous and dust clouds.. which, in turn, will eventually collapse on itself and form a new solar system. And if we are eventually destroyed when we collide with the Andromeda Galaxy, and form a new galaxy.. or several? Where will I be then? Will I be in multiple places, possibly even multiple galaxies. Perhaps some of us will fall into a black hole.. does all of these things mean part of who we are (and were) now will live on elsewhere? The hard ground beneath our feet.. whom is that made of? What creatures and stars and possibly civilizations were laid to waste to provide us this perfect oasis? What odds would Vegas give the odds of Earth forming if all bets where taken one second after the big bang?

You would have better odds winning every lotto ever held, when you consider the near infinite things that needed to happen to merely make Earth, let alone the countless things that had to happen for our kind of life to be sustainable.. then the countless things that had to happen to create our species.. then the trillion things that had to happen just so I could be born, live life, and one day write this post.

When I look into the sky, I can see my soul.


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