Higg Boson field/particle to eventually be universe’s end?..

Higg Boson field/particle to eventually be universe’s end?..

It figures that we all searched and fantasized about the Higgs Boson particle (and it’s corresponding energy field) to merely find it and realize it had the power to very easily remove all sense of stability in our universe. It’s almost like saying the fat man on the other end of your see-saw is right below having the mass needed to fling you miles in the air.. and you know that guy could put those extra 20 lbs on in a snap.

They found that the particle and it’s field is not stable right now, even. Just barely enough. However, it is stable enough and at the correct strength to keep protons & electrons in their right place – while also preventing every star, galaxy and planet front flying apart. 

Any weaker or stronger and everything collapses or flies apart. I suppose if we looked long enough and looked our maker in the eye (and read their journal), that we would inevitably end in realizing how amazingly fragile our existence. Our entire universe’s existence. 

How frighteningly ironic that we find the mysterious particle that gives everything mass, merely to find out the same thing allowing our existence has a knife pressed against our back.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Just a quick FYI, the Higgs particle and field are what give every particle it’s mass. It’s weight. Girth. Whatever. The best example to dumb it down I have come across is particles gain mass from the Higgs by flowing through it’s field like we would flow across a river. We acquire mass when water soaks and covers us. Same deal, I have heard. It’s really quite astounding. I shrugged when I heard they found where mass of all things came from. I figured everything had weight due to how large the atoms were and how strong the gravity nearby was. How wrong I was.


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