Dark Flow

Dark Flow


I am sure more information will be coming into light in 2 weeks when a “large” report on dark energy/matter is made public from Mr. Ting & co. at MIT. However, I find this pretty amazing and will jump the gun on posting this instead of waiting. Only 5 percent of the universe is what we observe. This means there is matter and energy we cannot see. It is illustrated in the link I have attached.

Basically, galaxies cluster together due to their gravity, but this is not enough to explain these gatherings that seem to be connected many invisible and linked filaments. More and more proof from higher and higher places is pointing to the fact that this invisible matter and energy create super highways (or rivers) in which galaxies are traveling at amazing speeds.. the kick is, a large group of galaxies in particular are all flowing in the same direction.. not expanding and drifting away. While the universe is expanding, there are particular areas (mainly towards Hydra) where universe expansion and physics get funky. These things just aren’t explained with the information and predictions we have. These galaxies are moving faster than the universe is expanding, which is insane given the fact that the universe’s expansion is constantly getting faster.

We all know that the spacetime fabric is relative. Meaning, gravity (and other unseen things) affect how we experience time. The more the gravitational force, the faster time goes by (and the slower we age). So what’s making this “dark flow” happen? Amounts of matter beyond our imagination past the horizon of the observable universe? Another universe tugging on us? Who knows.

I hope this paper coming out sheds more light on all of this. When I really focus on all the implications of the known and unknown, it takes away this self-centered train of thought all beings have. It is hard to imagine a reality beyond our. This is all we know.. and all we know anchors all we can imagine.

The truth is, our reality is a winning lottery ticket. The reality we have been dealt is an anomaly. It is small and going to pass in the blink of an eye as far as the universe is concerned. We forget how lucky we are compared to 99.999999999999999999% of the observable universe. The dark flow observed is just another mystery that shows how amazing the universe is, and how irrelevant we are. Sigh. Wow.


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