Every black hole contains a new universe..?

Every black hole contains a new universe..?

This actually makes a lot of sense. I was thinking the same thing last night and started searching for someone with credibility who had maybe researched it. We could very well be a universe within a universe. The big bang could have very well been a torsion “spring” in a black hole in a larger universe outside of our own.

Think about it. Before the big bang, our universe was smaller than an atom. Infinitely dense in an infinitely small space, smaller than an atom. This is essentially how we think of black holes. Infinite mass in a very small place. Sometimes the spinning and tangles created by a black hole creates this spring force that beats out gravity.

Imagine straightening out a hose with a friend. Now, imagine you both started twisting on opposite ends until the house became tighter and tighter.. eventually the stored energy of this twisting hose would beat the twisting strength of you & your friend. It would bust out of your hands and uncoil at an amazing rate. Could this explain it all? Maybe.

This theory actually cleans up any gaps in Einstein’s theory of relativity, where the laws of physics break down in a black hole.


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